American Horror Story: Coven Review "The Dead"

American Horror Story: Coven S3 E7 Review: “The Dead”

Here we are, at the half way point of American Horror Story Coven, and I still find myself teetering on the edge about how good this season really is. On the plus side, the story has been a lot more focused and on point then the previous two seasons. The problem with this however, is that creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk seem to be struggling to fill the void this season. Even with a compelling central cast of characters, and a cohesive plot line, things still feel off for some reason. “The Dead” makes for a perfect example of this high wire balance act, as half the episode was exceptionally well done, and the other half just made me feel like I may have missed something along the road here.

American Horror Story: Coven S3 E6 Review: “The Axeman Cometh”

Things start off with a flashback to Kyle in a tattoo parlor discussing his future plans to be an engineer. Suddenly, we get thrust back to present day where Kyle is chained up and Zoe stands idly by watching him. Zoe has a gun and we can assume she came to put Kyle out of his misery, but through an odd confrontation Kyle ends up with the gun and ends up nearly shooting himself. Kyle’s whole story is becoming slightly more interesting, as he can now connect with the newly resurrected Madison. The way they connect might be strange, but it keeps in the odd spirit of AHS as a whole so I decided to roll with it. The final scene between Madison, Kyle and Zoe may have been a little too ridiculous, but oh well. Personally, I don’t find their story as interesting as the main voodoo vs. witchcraft, a subject that got put on center stage this week.

Queenie has been one of my favorite side characters since her first awesome display as a human voodoo doll. She is snarky and crass and clearly doesn’t fit in most places. There is just something very individual about her character and I am glad she is being utilized more, even if it is in a slightly evil way.

I haven’t made much mention of this yet, but race has been playing a key role in this season of AHS. It’s pretty obvious that witches and voodoo seem to be divided down racial lines, and the fact that Queenie is part witch and part voodoo, she acts as the perfect trigger for the inevitable stand off between the two forces. I thought her “relationship” with Delphine and the consequences of this “friendship” got explored much too quickly, as the moral dilemma presented here is an interesting one that could have used more development. I’ve been tip toeing around the specifics, but things took a nice step forward this week in terms of the broad strokes and I think most people will be happy with that.

Unfortunately, it’s the little details that are keeping this season from being spectacular. In this episode, for example, The Axeman and Fiona all of sudden have some sort of one night stand. I’m not sure how the hell this happened, but I guess The Axeman will be returning for more episodes. I liked him last episode, but this episode he just felt completely out of the realm. I don’t know where this relationship is going, but I assume it will develop over the next couple weeks.

Cordelia was almost absent this week besides one small scene where she discovered the truth about Fiona and Madison. Cordelia is an interesting character and her new power presents an interesting game changer. Hopefully, she will be featured more heavily next week.

Lastly, how about that scene with Spalding? I won’t spoil it for you, but it was a small highlight for me personally. I am still excited to see how American Horror Story: Coven ends, but the season as a whole has been so up and down that I can’t decide if it’s the best, or just in line with the last two seasons. The second half of things should tell, and the fact that Coven will not being getting a spin off is a great sign. Now no characters are safe.



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