An Absolutely Killer Cosplay of Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy!


Gamora may look like a beauty pageant contestant from outer space, but don’t let her looks fool you, she’s pure badass. Having her family killed by Thanos when she was a child, Thanos sees value in Gamora for her strength and takes her in as his own child, while torturing her and raising her as an elite assassin. She eventually rebels against her adopted father and flees, vowing to eventually take him down in payment for years of cruelty. This leads Gamora to join The Guardians of the Galaxy, after learning that Thanos and Ronan the Accuser obtained an infinity stone, one of six that hold predominance over the universe.


Token “deadliest woman in the galaxy” may be the most popular woman in the galaxy now thanks to the success of Marvels box office smash “Guardians of the Galaxy” adaptation. Kay Pike stays true to Gamoras movie appearance with green skin and all, impressively painting it on all by herself. Additionally, Gamoras skin tight armor fit her to a ‘T’, and the sparkles on her leggings add an authentic touch. Last but not least, Gamora’s dip dye brown and red hair beautifully finish the look.

gamora-cosplay-3Photography by Gossen

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