Anime Cosplay Tuesday: This Cosplay of Kill la Kill’s Ryuko Kills It!

ryuko-matoi-cosplay-1Photography by DizzyMonogatari

Ryuko is a 17 year old vagrant super-badass school girl who is in search of her father’s killer. Wielding a Scissor Blade, she searches for the owner of the other half – the pair of weapons created by her father, the other half stolen by the murderer she seeks. Her Scissor Blade holds the power to destroy Goku uniforms imbued with Life Fibers – which is bad news for her enemies.

And speaking of uniforms – this cosplay actually has a name! No, not simply Ryuko; her uniform is a sentient entity named Senketsu. Called a Kamui – Senketsu is made entirely out of life fibers that provide Ryuko with superhuman powers and abilities in exchange for her blood.

There are several versions of this uniform/Senketsu throughout the series with the transformation form being the most well known for several reasons. When Senketsu fully synchronizes with his host, he transforms into an indestructible suit of armor with a very revealing appearance, much to Ryuko’s initial dismay. That version of the uniform has been banned from some conventions without some modesty modifications – and even caused an altercation in Singapore involving the police at Anime Festival Asia.


MiciaGlo has opted for the more normal and non-battle version of Ryuko’s uniform, and has done a great job. I find that the more simple cosplays are the most difficult – without a lot of embellishment, the details really stand out. Her seams are well done, the fit very tailored, and her pleats are perfectly even. The color blocking is beautiful – the bright pops of red, orange, and yellow add to the simplicity and grace of the uniform rather than detract – the proportions of those accents (Senketsu’s eyes) fit her body and the cosplay.

I appreciate her wig, as well. Anime hair is very difficult to do – do you stay true to source with the hard, spikey styles or interpret it more to real life? MiciaGlo made a great choice with interpreting it more to the real side with the soft curves and trademark spike – its accurate without being blocky or unnatural.

Great job, MiciaGlo!

ryuko-matoi-cosplay-3Photography by Leonardo Bigliazzi


Written by Guest Contributor: ShatteredStitch


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