Anna Kendrick Stars in Star Wars Battlefront Trailer

The Force binds us and penetrates us, it is the one power that spans the entire galaxy, and through it mortal beings can ascend to become more powerful than anyone can possibly imagine. That’s the lesson behind the newest trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, where people from around the world, including Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick, vanish into nothingness, reminiscent of a certain Jedi Knight who would go on to help bring an end to his pupil through the actions of Luke Skywalker. It’s really hard not to get even more excited than before, as the new trailer shows that it doesn’t matter your race, gender, or nationality, the Force powers all those who harness it, and the Force is stronger than anything else.

Star Wars Battlefront has had a number of trailers that tug at the heartstrings of Star Wars fans, from childhood friends reliving their dreams of flying an X-Wing, to holiday commercials that grip the nostalgia right out of us. Star Wars Battlefront is set for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this November 17. Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens hits theaters this December. Check out the new trailer below.








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