ARK: Survival Evolved Will Let Players Host Their Own Servers On Xbox One

Studio Wildcard has announced that players will be able to host their own servers on Xbox One for their new dinosaur survival game, ARK: Survival Evolved. In a recent interview with Xbox Wire, co-founder Jesse Rapczak revealed that players will be able to use a second Xbox One console to host their own server of over 50 players, which would usually require and expensive PC server.

He states, “Xbox Live provides a fair, secure, and robust multiplayer experience that minimizes cheating and reduces the barriers to playing with your friends. You can also host your own 50+ player ARK server on a second Xbox One – which is something that would normally require an expensive PC server and a lot of management headaches. The gamepad control scheme is also much improved over the PC version. ARK on Xbox One will be the smoothest gameplay experience for the majority of gamers… especially for the price!”





Written by Guest Contributor 7am




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