Batman Arkham Knight Mod lets you Serve Out Justice as Batman’s Butler

After a rocky launch for Arkham Knight on PC, players have been very vocal about their disappointment on the matter, but it looks like owners of the PC version have one thing that console owners will probably never get; the PC version of Arkham Knight lets you play as Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth. But you won’t be just serving tea, you’ll be serving out justice.

Modders on the Batman Arkham Videos YouTube channel have made a mod which allows you to play as the the Dark Knight’s only living father figure, Alfred. Thanks to the mod, the butler/crimefighter hybrid does not have all the moves that his caped master has. Alfred cannot perform counter-attacks, environmental takedowns, or dual takedowns thanks to the limits of the mod. Regardless, if you are one of the few people that bought a copy of Arkham Knight before Warner Brothers suspended sales, you can try out this cape-less crusader out for yourself.




Written by Guest Contributor 7am




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