Batman: Arkham Origins Developer Working On Two New DC Comics Games

In between the release of Batman: Arkham City and Arkham Knight, a third game was released for the Batman: Arkham series called Batman: Arkham Origins. It was okay, but a far cry from the greatness of Arkham City with repetitive combat and a so-so story, with various bugs and glitches experienced by players certainly not helping not helping, which developer WB Montreal, had openly said they wouldn’t fix. However, despite the lukewarm reception of Origins, WB Montreal is not supposedly getting a second chance to work on two DC Comic properties, but they’re also hiring for both.

Discovered by IGN, a call for various programmers, artists, etc. to join WB Montreal’s growing team, which is “focused on expanding the DC Comics universe in the interactive space”, complete with a video showing off the studio and the people who work there. Though the job openings for positions such as Programming Rendering and a Senior Artist are still listed, said video and description has since been taken down (though a picture of it was taken by studious denizens of the Internet beforehand).

Currently, there is no word on what these two new DC games will be (fingers crossed for one of them being a Lobo game). Still, it’s interesting to see what the studio will do without having to worry about following in the footsteps of another studio, and are able to work on something of their own.








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