Battle Bunny Riven Cosplay is Ready to Hit the Rift

The list of incredible League of Legends cosplays never ceases to end, as we get this awesome Battle Bunny Riven cosplay by Blondiee.   Riven is a powerful top lane/jungle Champion who can be quite difficult to master but puts out an incredible amount of force when played properly.  She is one of the most popular top lane Champions to play as, as she emits bravery and overall badassery in the heat of battle.


Blondiee chose to don Riven’s Battle Bunny skin in her cosplay, and she did so in stunning fashion.  With black body suit, little white tail, and carrot sword, Blondiee makes an amazing Battle Bunny Riven.  With photography work by James Niland, the two create images that are filled with beauty.  Be sure to check out more of Blondiee’s cosplay work by visiting her Facebook page!










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