Battleborn’s First Content Patch Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think

According to Gearbox Software as well as a blog post on 2K, Battleborn’s first balance patch up will be releasing soon. The upcoming balance patch will adjust a few balancing issues that were discovered since the game’s launch date.

Publisher 2K went further in depth on the upcoming patch ups in their latest blog post. “You see, we’re listening to your feedback”, they said. You keep telling us what you love – and what you’re noticing while playing – and with your help, we’ll work hard to keep improving Battleborn. We have a team of people at Gearbox and 2K dedicated to the mission of self-improvement, and today’s hotfix is just one small example of the kinds of things we can quickly fine-tune on the fly. Weekly balance updates and larger content patches are also already in the works.”

Developer Gearbox has already pushed several of hot fixes live to address the problems with only being able to play the opening of the game sequence once and being unable to rewatch the opening cinematic cut scene.








Written By Guest Contributor Taylor Lyles

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