Battlefield April Fool's Joke

Battlefield 1’s April Fool’s Day Joke Was Nothing Short Of Magical

April Fool’s Day has come and gone, but that didn’t stop publishers the world over from having a little bit of fun. However, easily one of the best has to be DICE and what they did with Battlefield 1’s Community Test Environment.

Anyone who hopped onto the CTE on Saturday were greeted with unicorns, which had replaced all the horses with unicorns, which would trail rainbows as they galloped, and deliver some hilarious one liners. The lines themselves would be familiar to fans of the popular YouTube series Battlefield Friends.

Battlefield YouTuber Westie posted a video of the event in case you couldn’t take part of it yourself. I know that the game is meant to be a serious look at World War I (well, as serious as you can get with an online shooter), but gags like this always put a smile on my face, and it’s a shame that stuff like this only happens once a year. Still, it’s pretty funny while it lasted. Battlefield 1 is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.





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