Battlefield 1’s New Trailer Puts The Spotlight On Vehicular Combat

A new trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter, Battlefield 1 has been released. The latest trailer puts the spotlight on the in-game vehicles.

A few hours ago, Battlefield’s official YouTube channel uploaded a two-minute long video emphasizing on vehicular gameplay. Throughout the video viewers can find snippets of gameplay footage from airline combat inside planes to causing mayhem with tanks on the ground, unfortunately, no battleship combat can be found in this video.

Currently, it hasn’t been confirmed if the vehicular combat will be available in the game’s open beta test. Regardless, if you are interested in participating in the beta test you can now choose your preferred platform, but keep in mind this does not secure you a spot to test the game.

Prepare to experience trench warfare and historic World War 1 battles with Battlefield 1 on October 21st. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.





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