Battlefield 1’s Upcoming Expansion Gets A Teaser

Battlefield 1 is getting a new expansion next March. And to celebrate, a new piece of teaser art was released for the game.

The promo art, which you can check out below, was posted on Twitter and shows two factions fighting in a bunker draped with French flags. There’s also a caption that says “soyez prêts”, which is French for “be ready” (you learn something new everyday). If you’re wondering what’s the deal with all the French, it’s because France is the focus of the game’s expansion, called They Shall Not Pass, which not only includes the French Army being a playable faction (joining the already vast list that includes the US, Britain, Italian, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and Germany), but also includes new vehicles and weapons, as well as four brand new maps.

They Shall Not Pass is scheduled to be released sometime in March 2017. Battlefield 1 is available now for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.





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