BattleTech Reaches Funding Goal in Less than One Hour

Set to bring PC mecha games back to their original roots, BattleTech, developed by HareBrained Schemes, has reached its Kickstarter funding goal of $250,000 in less than an hour after launching the campaign earlier this week. Now sitting at $363,000, the project still has 35 days left with almost 5,000 backers already pledged towards the game which is set to rekindle the strategic gameplay of the original BattleTech tabletop games. Also known by the MechWarrior series of games, BattleTech marks the other half of the mecha genre, focusing on an interstellar war and robot-piloting soldiers and mercenaries, with a significantly more realistic approach to the mecha design featured in the game and its extended universe, including MechWarrior and BattleTech.

No details have been given of exactly how the game will be played, or even a release window, but with 35 days left to go, the game is set to break other stretch goals including a single player campaign, an expanded mercenary campaign, as well as a PvP multiplayer mode. Check out the Kickstarter page here.







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