Beautiful Daenerys Cosplay is First of Her Name

In her youth, Dany was a meek, timid girl with little confidence or self-esteem. She knew no life other than one of exile, dependent and in constant fear of her brother Viserys. Her marriage to Khal Drogo was a turning point for her; adapting to life in a Dothraki khalasar was difficult, but it allowed her to begin to achieve independence from her abusive brother, and she emerged from the experience as a strong, confident, courageous woman. Despite her strong moral compass, however, she is capable of dealing ruthlessly with her enemies. Her followers generally regard her with great respect and love, and she is often compared to her deceased brother Rhaegar, a similarly charismatic leader who was known for his skill, determination, scholarly mind and strong sense of justice.


Lena-Lara did such an exquisite job on her Daenerys, even using one of my favorite cosplay tricks: hot glue sculpting! It was a brilliant choice for Dany’s golden webbed belt, and it looks wonderful. Her fabric choices are inspired and her attention to detail is absolutely fantastic. Her wig choice looks natural and a little wild – styled prettily with a few rebellious fly aways that hint at Dany’s wild nature. I’m totally in love with these photos!

daenerys-cosplay-1 daenerys-cosplay-3

Photography by Alina Sofia







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