Become a Dinosaur Breeder in ARK: Survival Evolved

It looks like Jurassic Park isn’t the only one who has perfected dinosaur breeding as ARK: Survival Evolved has now added dinosaur breeding into the title. Yup, that means you’ll be able to have miniatures of multiple dinosaurs roaming free and the kicker is you can take pictures — which can be shared as gamers see fit.

“Survivors will be given the opportunity to pair two members of the same species together, even across Tribes if you’ve got a particularly well endowed creature,” the update stated. “This results in offspring with a random selection of traits from both parents, along with a degree of arbitrary mutation… Your new tiny friends will grow dynamically in real time and will need to be cared for to reach their ultimate potential.”

That means that you’ve got to take care of them right — so let’s no have any failed Neopet-ers give this a shot. Players will be able to “desired qualities” and raise generations of dinosaurs with  “refined collections of high-end traits than that which could ever be found in the wild.”

Think of this as The Sims for dinosaurs, except you’ll truly want to take care of them as the developer states breeding and raising generations “cannot be accomplished with minimal effort.”

Read full details on the update on the Steam Community page.








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