BioShock Trilogy Is Now Playable On Xbox One Via Backwards Compatibility

Another day, another wave of 360 games being added to the Xbox One via backwards compatibility. But this time, some heavy hitters are being added this time, as the original 360 releases of the entire Bioshock trilogy is now playable on the Xbox One. That includes the original Bioshock, it’s numbered sequel, and Infinite.

The news once again comes from Xbox head Larry “Major Nelson” Byrd, who announced that all three games are now backwards compatible with the Xbox One, which is quite interesting, since the all three games are already available for the Xbox One via Bioshock: The Collection. Even more interesting is that according to Byrd, the inclusion of the three games brings the total of Xbox 360 games that are backwards compatible on Xbox One up to 300. Considering the system had 1,173 games, that’s a big deal.

As usual, if you own physical copies of the games, you can just put the disk into your Xbox One and they’ll play, and if you got them digitally, you can download them from your library. There’s no word on whether the games will have their DLC included, but considering most games have had their DLC added, it’s safe to assume that’ll they’ll be included as well.