Black Cat Cosplay Prowls the Night

Felicia Hardy first became Black Cat after a traumatizing event in college changed her life. Training in various styles of fighting as well as implementing her gymnastic skills, she followed in her father’s footstep, becoming a cat burglar. Her father was the original Black Cat and she also owned a black cat, making her second identity perfect for her. Turning away from the path of crime due to her relationship with Spider-Man, this determined young woman starts to fight crime, whether it is prowling the streets at night or performing private eye work.


Cosplayer Jelfish becomes the feline Black Cat in this amazing cosplay. In a skin tight black body suit adorned with white fur, she is a beauty to behold. Knee high white boots and white gloves are adorned with fur. Long white hair and her iconic black mask finish off the outfit perfectly. Posing at night and with a string of pearls, this Black Cat cosplay is on the hunt for gorgeous jewels.


Photography by Infinite-Angles Photography