Blizzard Is Allowing Players To Change Their BattleTag As Many Times As They Want

Blizzard has always offered a one-time change to your BattleTag for free, and if you managed to still pick a Tag that wasn’t to your liking, it was just too bad. Players would be stuck with another ridiculous name and gone was there chance to do anything about it. Now however, you can change your tag as much as you like, as Blizzard has announced that you can now change your BattleTag as often as you want.

Go crazy try out any name you’ve ever thought about, but after the first time, each change will cost you. The move is similar to what Microsoft did when they announced that they would allow players to change their Gamertag for a fee. It may seem a little ridiculous to be charged for changing your name, but you do get the one freebie, and this is a business for these companies after all. You can head over here to change your tag.

The first time you change your BattleTag it’s completely free, every change after that though will run you $10. BattleTags don’t have to be unique, but they do have to adhere to the naming policy. So, if you made your BattleTag ten years ago, when you were much younger and your sense of humor might have been questionable, then be sure to take your time before you use that one free change.






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