Blizzard’s Potential Changes Could Improve World of Warcraft’s Auction House and Professions

world-of-warcraft- user Euripides posted an interview in the website’s forums yesterday that he conducted with Blizzard’s lead system designer, Greg Street. The purpose of this interview was to discuss the auction house and professions in World of Warcraft. Here are a few important points that were made during the interview. For the full interview, check the post linked below.

Auction house: Blizzard isn’t planning on making any major changes to the auction house any time soon, as it has been performing incredibly well. They may, however, add a few minor changes like the ability to sort by unit price for convenience sake along with disconnecting it from the mailbox so that players don’t have to go to a mailbox to pick up the items that they have won. Also, there is talk of making auction houses cross-realm, for those players who find themselves on a server with a small population and little economy to buy and sell in. This would only be done between lower populated servers. In addition, they are considering lowering the max time for a bid considering the majority of players buy out an item so that they can attain it right away rather than bidding.

Professions: Blizzard is trying to make it easier to level up professions. Many WoW players brush professions to the side and focus on getting to the level cap first, but when the time comes when they want to level their cooking, jeweling, enchanting, tailoring, etc. skills, they find themselves having to go to lower level areas and monotonously farming the required items. In order to account for this common problem, Blizzard is experimenting with “catch-up mechanisms” for all professions. For example, if you have the Mining profession and you seem to have neglected your profession, you can mine deposits in your level-appropriate area no matter what your skill is, but you will receive less from that deposit than someone with a higher Mining skill would attain.




Source: Stormspire

Written by Guest Contributor: ManaCookies


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