Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Shows Off Gatling Gun and Bloody Gutter

Two new weapons for the upcoming Bloodborne DLC have made their appearance in Weekly Famitsu this week, where alongside several other new screenshots, we get to see the Gatling Gun and the Bloody Gutter, which may find itself with a different English name when the expansion hits North America. The Gatling Gun doesn’t really need an explanation, it’s a rotating gun that fires volleys of quicksilver bullets at whatever ill-fated enemy you point it at. The Bloody Gutter on the other hand appears to be something capable of disemboweling any wayward beast it comes across.

Details are understandably scarce as far as the specifics regarding new weapons and areas, with only screenshots and interviews to guide us, but with what we’ve seen so far, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters sounds like a dream we might not want to wake up from. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is set for release November 24, 2015, while Bloodborne is currently available for PlayStation 4.




Source: Weekly Famitsu




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