Breaking Bad "Rabid Dog" Review

Breaking Bad “Rabid Dog” Review

Are you familiar with the story of Old Yeller?

Apparently Saul is, because he uses it as a delicious metaphor for the situation they now find themselves in. Jesse may not have burned the house down, but he is in fact the titular rabid dog. He’s off the grid for the first half of the episode, however, as Walt, Skylar, and Saul all attempt to come up with a solution.

Now let’s back track.

This episode of Breaking Bad opens with Walt going into his curious unburned house. He knows Jesse has been there from the empty gas cannister left on the floor. This opening scene works particularly well for two reasons. First, it created a mystery for the episode: Where is Jesse? Second, it was actually a humorous scene, particularly disposing of the gas can. In fact, this whole episode had a certain sense of dark comedy to it. This isn’t uncommon for Breaking Bad, but it has been a while since I laughed this much during an episode.

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This extends to the next scene, where Walt attempts to lie about why the house smells like gasoline. It’s funny how caught up in lies Walt has become that he creates these incredibly elaborate, and obviously hollow stories. Even Jr. calls Walt on his lies, though not in the way you might expect. Their scene together later in the episode is both touching and heartbreaking. You just know it’s going to destroy Jr. to find out the truth about Walt, but it’s also inevitable at this point.

Admittedly, I found this episode to be fairly slow in a few parts. Marie’s scene with the psychiatrist felt largely pointless, but who knows, maybe they will come back to it. The main drama for this episode came from wondering about Jesse’s actions, and the consequences to those actions. There was quite a bit of shock hearing Skylar suggest killing Jesse. Skylar has never really liked Jesse of course, but she’s never condoned violence either. This decision shows you just how far she’s willing to go with Walt now, as if the video from last week weren’t enough indication.

About halfway through the episode, things sort of rewind and we find out about Jesse’s whereabouts and intentions. If you haven’t seen the episode be warned SPOILERS AHEAD.

Hank had a hell of a breakthrough this week. Getting Jesse on his side was something I thought might happen during this season, and it seems like Jesse has some huge scheme in mind to take Walt down. Of course they cut before we got to hear the plan, but that entire last scene in the square was played out perfectly. You kind of figured that scary guy wasn’t a hit man, but you understand Jesse’s paranoia as well. Hank is getting frustrated so I am guessing we will see a major play next week.

Also, that last phone call between Walt and Todd was the perfect way to end things. This was Jesse’s last chance, sometimes, a dog has to be put down.

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