Bungie Shows Off Destiny: Rise Of Iron’s New Social Space

Bungie has revealed a sneak peak at Felwinter Peak. According to the developer this new social space will be debuting as part of Destiny’s upcoming expansion, Rise of Iron.

As shown in a recent video uploaded on Game Informer’s website, Felwinter Peak is expected to encourage players to explore and unravel the many secrets hidden within. In addition, Christopher Barrett the game’s director along with executive producer Scott Taylor both elaborated on revealing what everyone can expect in this new social space.

Due to the player’s needing to recover the space, it will appear uneven. With the remaining pieces of its original design still unscathed. However, this does not mean that players can get their hands on some awesome, Iron Lord collectibles. The duo also confirmed that the Iron Banner will also exist inside the new social space. In addition, the Iron Banner will now queue from Felwinter Peak instead of its original location, the Tower. “We thought it only appropriate for Iron Banner to be at the original location of the Iron Lords,” Barrett explains.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is set to launch on September 20th. The upcoming expansion will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.