Resident Evil 6 Butcher Shop

Capcom Opens Human Butcher Shop to Launch Resident Evil 6

When it comes to marketing the new Resident Evil game, Capcom has given RE fans something to sink their teeth into.

In honor of the Resident Evil 6 release, the game publisher opened a “human butcher shop” in London’s Smithfield Market over the weekend.

The “Wesker and Son” store featured a lovely selection of human hands, feet, thigh steaks, lemon-flavored sausages, and other severed apendages. The shop allowed Londoners to “sample and purchase a dizzying array of edible human limbs.”

In reality, the butcher shop contained mostly stage props and animal meats, displayed side-by-side with meat sculptures created by artist Sharon Baker. Baker even created a full-size sculpture of herself for the event, but it was dismembered and disposed of in black trash bags after it began to smell bad. Too bad, sounds delicious. The human hands and feet — made from a mixture of sausage meat and prosciutto — were actually sold for a good cause, with all proceeds going to the Limbless Association.

Photo of the meat selection are in the gallery below. Some of the images are probably inappropriate for youngsters, so view with caution. Rest assured, though, none of the body parts shown are real. Well, as far as we know.