Slave Leia Cosplay by La Esmeralda

Celebrate Star Wars Day with Gorgeous Slave Leia Cosplay

May 4th is the day that Star Wars fans rejoice by showing off their Star Wars love in honor of Star Wars Day.  Whether you are doing so by going on a Star Wars movie marathon or cosplaying as your favorite Star Wars character, now is a great time to sport your Star Wars pride.

Slave Leia Cosplay

Cosplayer La Esmeralda has created this Slave Leia cosplay that is absolutely stunning.  Her costume is spot-on to the source material and emits the overall sexy, seductive appeal that Princess Leia herself had as Slave Leia.  Be sure to check out more of La Esmeralda’s work by visiting her Facebook page!

Photography by LilifIlane








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