Check Out A Deadlier Side Of Lincoln Clay In The New Mafia III Trailer

2K Games recently uploaded a new trailer for Mafia III. The newest trailer for the upcoming action-adventure game showcases various ways main protagonist, Lincoln Clay can “own the battlefield.”

In the newest trailer, Mafia III director Haden Blackman explains how Clay is not your average 1960s mobster. Unlike most mobsters you will encounter, Clay served in the Vietnam War, and because of the special training he received from the military, he has the upper hand against his rivals. “In this episode, go behind the scenes with the writers of Mafia III to learn how Lincoln Clay uses his environment to his tactical advantage” the video description reads.

The new trailer elaborates on how Clay is more agile than a typical mobster, which provides him to move through combat briskly. Or, perhaps you prefer the guns-blazing method, throughout the game, Clay has access to a variety of firearms and explosives at his disposal, including pistols, machine guns, and rocket launchers. The new video also showcases Clay’s melee combat skills. Knife combat and hand-to-hand combat are proven to be lethal options, should you ever find yourself unarmed in a fight.

You can check out the new trailer below. Mafia III launches on October 7th, simultaneously for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A mobile version for Mafia III, titled, Mafia III: Rivals is coming to Android on October 7th.





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