A Very Chilly Frostfire Annie Cosplay Will Have Fans Squealing

What’s cute, snowy, and could definitely kick your butt? If Annie from League of Legends donning her Frostfire skin was your guess, then kudos to you! For someone of her stature, Annie sure knows how to pack a punch, making her adorableness nothing more than a façade – even her bear, Tibbers, is more than he appears. Quite appropriate for the season, Frostfire Annie’s outfit is more than suitable for braving the harsh weather, giving her the ability to take the cold on while using her abilities – such as pyromania, disintegrate, and etc., to defeat any obstacles that come in her way.


With abilities that are more than capable of turning enemies into ash, Annie, or the Dark Child, is a champion that’s hard to resist. The cuteness draws the players in, but it’s the overall fierceness that the girl delivers that causes League of Legends players to continuously pick Annie as their go-to girl. That being said, it’s easy to see why people might be chomping at the bit to cosplay as the girl.


While it might seem like an easy feat to throw a Frostfire Annie cosplay together, that misconception is not accurate. Details are important, and cosplayer Tehray has done a brilliant job of taking Annie in her Frostfire skin and turning her into a character that could easily blend into real life. The small touches she has put into her Frostfire Annie cosplay – such as the details on the snowman head, and incorporating Tibbers, make this one of the finer Annie cosplays out there.



Photography by Colin Kelly.


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