Cooling Down and Heating Up with this Sailor Mars Cosplay!


Summertime may almost be over but this cosplay trend is just heating up! Cosplayers everywhere are taking their favorite characters and turning them into themed swimwear! These swimsuits are functional, nerdy, and super creative. From Castle Corsetry’s recent 90’s Themed Marvel Swimwear to the Sailor Moon Sailor Scouts, I am very excited about this nerdy way to cool off! By far one of my favorite examples comes from Cosplayer Monica Mau. Monica has transformed Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon into an absolutely fantastic swimsuit! Staying consistent with the original Sailor Mars hairstyle, costume design, and accessories, Monica has created a wonderful suit that looks perfect in any body of water.


To top it all off Monica has the Sailor Mars poses down! She is absolutely stunning as Sailor Mars and I am absolutely in love with the photos by photographer Kate Hoang. So even though this summer is coming to a close I hope that this trend continues into the next season! To see more cosplay by the fantastic Monica Mau follow her on DeviantArt and Facebook.

 Photography by Kate Hoang





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Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt