Cosplay Accessories 101: Vampire Teeth


Cosplay is the art of (usually) making and wearing costumes from different fandoms in the geek community. In this subculture we call cosplay, there are people that tend to make everything themselves, because they want to. That, however, can be extremely intimidating to a cosplayer who wants to begin making his or her own costumes. Just keep in mind, if you are that cosplayer, that even the most experienced and well-renowned professionals sometimes modify things or even buy things.

These vampire teeth by Dracula House are called “sexy bites” and are amazing and perfect for any female (because they are made for a female mouth) Halloween costume or cosplay. Despite the cheap price they are actually great quality, and I have had a great experience with them in the past. I will be customizing this particular pair and using them for a costume I made previously, Draculaura from the Monster High series.


Make sure to read the directions carefully. First, open the box and remove the plastic fangs. Take the little plastic bag full of thermoplastic nuggets and set them aside. Heat up a mug of boiling water and pour half of the thermoplastic nuggets on a spoon, immediately placing that spoon into the boiling water until the thermoplastic becomes clear. Wet your fingers, remove the thermoplastic from the spoon (but be careful its hot!) and mold the thermoplastic around the fang, starting from your canines and going back to your molars. Make sure they are sitting where you want, that they look even on both sides, and that nothing is uncomfortable in your mouth. Wait for them to cool and voila! Of course you need to repeat the process for the other fang but after that is done you will have a full set of amazing vampire teeth for any cosplay. Different styles and sizes are also available.


For those needing of a pair of vampire teeth, we recommend these specific teeth, which were provided for us by Costume SuperCenter and can be purchased here for a low price of $17.99. The best part about these fangs is that they come in an awesome looking coffin case!






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