Cosplay of the Day: A Royally Gorgeous Princess Zelda Cosplay

To many of us, the ‘Legend of Zelda’ series is no mystery. Since the original release of the game in the late 1980’s, people have come to fall in love with the mysterious blonde-haired boy clad in green and his beautiful fair princess, even though he is not a man of many words. In the majority of the games the protagonist is Link, who goes on a quest to save Zelda, the princess of Hyrule, usually from their main villain, Ganondorf, as the princess is not only that, but the one who holds the Triforce of Wisdom, a sacred relic.

Photo by LJinto

In ‘The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks,’ a sequel set 100 years after ‘Phantom Hourglass,’ Zelda is the granddaughter of Tetra. Princess Zelda and Link set off on a quest to figure out the disappearance of the Spirit Tracks where the princess is then attacked by the evil Chancellor Cole who separates her spirit from her body. While separated from her body, Zelda is able to possess the Phantoms that guard the Tower of Spirits and aid Link in battles which marks the first time that Zelda has been a playable character in a canonical Zelda game. The duo must race after the villain and the Demon Train into the Demon Realm to return the princess to her body and restore order.

Photo by WhiteDesertSun

Akuriko is a beautiful cosplayer from Wisconsin who has donned several different recreations of Princess Zelda’s colorful and intricate costumes. While in her costume from Spirit Tracks, often called Toon Zelda, she embodies the essence of Zelda with her elegance and charm. Each shot manages to capture majestic qualities of the princess, showing both her playful side as well as the wise and kind ruler that is well beyond her age in wisdom.

Photo by LJinto



Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei
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