Cosplay of the Day: Take a Bite of This Adorable Snow White Cosplay Couple!

Forced to hide deep within a dark, terrifying forest, poor Snow White lost her home in the castle because of the Evil Queens’ great and palpable jealousy for her. Nearly escaping death, due to the Queen’s Huntsman losing his courage to kill her, Snow soon finds herself on the doorstep of a quaint cottage! After some spring cleaning and a musical moment, the residents return and are greeted with quite the surprise!


Ki-Ri-Ka and Terrugane create a fairy tale moment in their colorful costumes of Snow and her Prince! With warm glowing backdrops assorted with sweet flowers and sunshine, the two bring about a wonderfully innocent feel for the classic story! Snows’ full and girly lashes and rich black hair capture the delicateness of the housekeeping Princess, while The Prince dons a fabulous hat and bold colors throughout his royal attire! The two are the perfect pair!


Check out more of Ki-Ri-Ka and Terrugane‘s work at their DeviantArt accounts!
Photography by Alivealf.


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Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz


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