Cosplay of the Day: Mass Effect’s Tali’Zorah!

The Mass Effect series has been held to a very high prestige by the gaming community. To many, it is one of the best series this console generation. This is due in part to having a large, beautiful galaxy to traverse through, gripping storyline, and the strong-willed and ever-so endearing Commander Shepard at the forefront. Although Mass Effect’s fame does not rely entirely on Commander Shepard’s character alone. There are others that rose the game to greatness: one of them being Shepard’s reliable companion, Tali’Zorah nar Rayya.

mass-effect-tali-cosplay-2Although she is quite young, Tali’s mind is far from immature. She may even be considered one of the most intelligent residents of the Normandy. Specializing in technology with an extreme interest in starships, Tali is definitely good to have aboard. Never taking acts of kindness for granted, she is always gracious and grateful when treated well, as she is used to being looked down upon for being a Quarian. A helpful companion, Tali sticks with Commander Shepard throughout his journey, proving to be a reliable, dedicated ally who isn’t afraid to get knees deep in combat.

mass-effect-tali-cosplay-3Cosplayer Nebulaluben created this epic costume of the young intergalactic genius. Coupled with a very sci-fi feel, totally encompassing the elements of Mass Effect, it is without a doubt that Nebula absolutely nailed her rendition of Tali. Now who’s ready to boot up their consoles and hop aboard the Normandy once more?

Photography by Hidrico.


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