Cosplay of the Day: Morgana by Missyeru

All Photos are by SNTP

League of Legends is one of the most competitive MMOGs right now, even being included on the roster for Major League Gaming competitions. Having a winning match means perfecting a character- one that can get the job done. Who better than the powerful mage, Morgana to help you defeat enemies? And if all else fails, at least she is appealing to the eyes!

missyeru - 4   Missyeru - 5

Driven by an endless desire to see her sister’s demise, Morgana became a master of the dark arts, joining the League of Legends only so that she could repeatedly kill her sister. The mysterious purple-tinged Fallen Angel, with her piercing bright eyes and large daunting wings makes you almost want to give up and bow down before her power. With stunning detail, avid League of Legends cosplayer Missyeru perfectly embodies Morgana’s ferociously sexy appearance in one of the best adaptations of her that we have seen.




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