Cosplay Photographer Spotlight: Iconiq Cosplay Photography

iconiq-cosplay-photography-saya-takagi-1Cosplayer: Stephanie Todd

Based in Nashville, TN, Iconiq Cosplay Photography has been traveling across the United States to conventions and building a breathtaking portfolio of cosplay photographs. Ranging from studio to location and silly to sexy, Iconiq has captured cosplayers in a variety of settings and emotions.

iconiq-cosplay-photography-green-arrow-1Cosplayer: Chibi Lucy Cosplay

In 2014, Iconiq visited Yamacon, GMX, AWA, and more and shot with several cosplayers at each convention. The results are spectacular images that perfectly suit each cosplay in both the tone and setting of the photo. Outside of cosplay, Iconiq has also done some glamour photo shoots as well.

iconiq-cosplay-photography-rikku-1Cosplayer: Goddess and the Muse

Iconiq’s Facebook page is always open for inquiries, comments, or even just to drop in and say “hello” to this talented photographer. Be sure to check out his page to see beautiful cosplay photos!





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