Cosplay Photographers Spotlight: Fall in Love with David Love Photography

kitty-pryde-cosplayCosplayer: Jessica LG

It’s hard not to fall in love with David Love’s breathtaking images. David Love is a Florida-based photographer who works Photoshop magic to create beautiful cosplay images that really bring the character to life. He majored in graphic design and has combined his education and self-taught photography skills to bring us amazing works of art. He shoots primarily in studio and then uses several other images to composite a final image that looks like a movie scene.

If you follow any Florida cosplayers, you have likely seen David’s work. He has done several images for the beautiful Heather 1337, Jenifer Ann, and Jessica LG – just to name a few. Prior to the shoot, he talks with the cosplayers to hash out ideas for final images and then the magic happens. You can see the inspiration from the source material in his images whether it be the actual comic book, movie, or a fellow artist’s interpretation such as a his shot of Heather’s Domino inspired off of Jon Hughe’s art. There is no limit to what David can bring to life.

David Love’s portfolio is full of amazing cosplay works from all genres ranging from comic books to movies to video games. His design background gives him an edge with his cosplay photography as he is able to “focus on the person and then worry about location problems later”. It’s mind boggling to know that his portfolio is full of studio images that have been expertly composited into their locations. David Love is truly an epic cosplay photographer!

dark-grace-cosplayCosplayer: Jenifer Ann

Cosplayer: Callie Cosplay

Cosplayer: Gary Sterley

Be sure to check out more of David’s work at his Facebook page!