A Cosplay of Smaug the Terrible that is Pure Gold!


“My armour is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail is a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!”, roars Smaug the terrible, chiefest and greatest of calamities. The last of his kind, the fire drake of the north lay waste to the city of Dale, and captured the dwarf kingdom of Erebor. For two hundred years, Smaug slumbered beneath mountains of gold horded by the King of Durin’s Folk, Thrór, until Gandalf recruited a company of thirteen dwarves and a Hobbit, all descendants of the house of Durin, to embark on a quest to take back the Lonely Mountain.

“Revenge! Revenge! The King under the Mountain is dead and where are his kin that dare seek revenge?”


In the year 2770 of the Third Age, Smaug ruined the city of the Men of Dale and broke the door and wall of the Lonely Mountain. The Dwarves of Erebor fled the kingdom or were slain and the dragon took the riches of the mountain and the town: Gold and Gemstones, Mithril and Silver, elf gems and pearls, the many faceted crystals of emerald, sapphire and diamond, as well as the Kings Jewel, the Arkenstone.

The burglar of the company, Bilbo Baggins, approached the Fire-drake oh-so stealthily and was surprised to find that Smaug was larger than he had expected. He was armored, as all fire-drakes were, with scales stronger than any iron forged by a blacksmith, except on his underbelly. Aware of this, Smaug deliberately spent years sprawled on the wealth of his hoard, allowing diamonds and hard gemstones to be embedded in his belly, armouring his only weakness. During a confrontation with the Dragon, Bilbo noticed one bare patch on the monster’s left breast, nearest his heart. With this invaluable information, he escaped the Mountain and, while discussing Smaug’s weakness with the Dwarves, he was overheard by a friendly bird who carried the secret to Bard the Bowman in nearby Esgaroth.


Whenever I see a cosplayer bring to life characters from the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, even characters that Tolkien has only mentioned and were never shown in the films, it’s like Christmas and my birthday coming at once. As a Tolkien fan, it makes me proud to be a part of this fandom. Even when cosplayers bring to life characters such as Gildor Inglorion and Glorfindel, Dís (Thorin’s sister and the only named female Dwarf), and even their own interpretation of the scaled, fire-breathing King under the Mountain, I can’t help but have major fangirl moments inside and fall in love with their cosplays. As a Tolkien fan, it makes my heart incredibly happy, as it has done with this cosplay of Smaug by Angltigr. I love everything about this cosplay – the gold details, the red leather representing the tough, impenetrable skin of the dragon, and the little wings. Angltigr has done what LOTR/The Hobbit cosplayers do well and that is go all-out to make their cosplay of one of Tolkien’s characters legendary.



Photography by WeNeal’s Photography and Retouching.


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