Could Battlefield 5 Be Set In World War One?

Battlefield got it’s start as a World War II shooter with huge maps to shot in and a ton of a vehicles to explore. Recent games have gone for a more modern setting and even focused on bank heists with Battlefield Hardline, but according to a recent listing, the next game in the series could be going back in time for the next game. How far back in time? How does World War I sound?

That’s according to a listing from a Swiss gaming website (which is still up as the time of this writing), which claims that the new game will take place during World War One, or the Great War as it was originally known as. That’s certainly interesting from a gameplay perspective, as while it is the first war to use planes and tanks, for the most part, World War One was fought on the ground, often with rifles that still used bayonets  and rode horses into battle. A Battlefield game set in that period would certainly be interesting.

Until EA says something official, we don’t know if this is true or not. Hopefully, we’ll know more at E3 this year.








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