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Dead Rising 4’s “Frank Rising” DLC Gets A Release Date

Capcom has announced when players will be able to continue the story Dead Rising 4’s  hero Frank West. Expect to find out what happened to our intrepid photographer this April, though based on the description, you may not want to.

“Players will take control of a freshly-infected Frank West as the Willamette outbreak is far from over,” the description for the DLC reads. “Losing his humanity, Frank shambles through the city with a new hunger that can’t be satiated by food court burritos. Seemingly incurable, West will find help from an unlikely ally and be forced to fight to hold onto what makes him human as he races to find a cure for himself. Frank West’s new zombie form brings all new abilities and strength, while forcing him to feed upon other members of the horde to stay alive.”

Players will have access to new abilities, though this will be balanced out by Frank being unable to consume traditional food items, instead having to feast on human flesh to restore health. The DLC, called Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising, will release on April 4, and is part of the game’s season pass or $9.99 individually. This DLC will be followed Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, which features commentary, unlockable gear, and support for up to four players. This will be coming “soon”, and will also cost $9.99.


SOURCE: Capcom Unity




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