A Destiny: Rise of Iron Exotic Weapon and Achievement List Now Available

Players who are anxiously awaiting the upcoming Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron can now get access some new loot. One of the new in-game weapons debuting in the expansion is now available.

Late last night, Bungie Tweeted out on their official Twitter account that players now have access to the Trespasser. This new side-arm pistol features a high fire rate, high stability, as well as a quick reload time. Although it is debatable whether or not the developer intended on releasing the new sidearm early, however, several players began posting on Reddit that they have acquired the gun prior to Bungie’s Tweet.

In addition to early access to a brand new weapon, Bungie also shared the nine new Achievements/Trophies for Rising of Iron. One of these nine is titled a secret, however, a short description of the other eight trophies can be found below.

  • Mountain Climber: Complete the “King of the Mountain” mission.
  • The Young Wolf: Complete the “Rise of Iron” quest.
  • Student of History: Activate all Iron Lord Artifacts.
  • Sing the Iron Song: Classified.
  • Supremacy: Complete the “Glory and the Taking of It” quest.
  • Eye for an Eye: Complete the “Kovik’s Sin” quest.
  • Forging Ahead: Complete an encounter in the Archon’s Forge.
  • Spliced: Complete the “Wrath of the Machine” Raid.
  • Splicer God: Complete the “Wrath of the Machine” Raid on heroic difficulty.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is set to launch on September 20th. The upcoming expansion will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.





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