Destiny: The Taken King Debuts Information With a Brand New Trailer

Gamers are getting excited for Destiny: The Taken King and with all the information being thrown their way, one might get a little lost in translation — especially since there has also been info on a 2.0 update. To clear things up, Bungie has released a video that goes over the newest upgrades and updates coming with the game’s new expansion. Additionally, Bungie has even boasted bigger reveals soon — which can only leave one to wonder what else the developer might have up their sleeve.

Many fans enjoyed Destiny but felt that perhaps the story was a bit lacking, one big change coming to Destiny: The Taken King is the narrative. There have also been tweaks to economy features and new rankings. For those who have been loyal to Destiny from the beginning, they might be able to spot a few new weapons as well as gear, but the intention is to show that Destiny: The Taken King has completely overhauled that Destiny was before — addressing numerous requests through systematic changes.

Tomorrow, August 19th, Bungie will be kicking off a special Twitch event that will reveal even more about The Taken King.

Destiny: The Taken King and the upcoming 2.0 update to Destiny both arrive September 15th on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. Check out the informative trailer below!







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