No Man’s Sky Developer Teases First Update For The Game

Hello Games, the tiny developer responsible for No Man’s Sky, recently tweeted out a photo of the team, as they were finishing up work on the games first update. According to the tweet, this first update will bring new features, content, and some balance changes.

The community around this game has been in a bit of turmoil lately. If you haven’t heard, a report was released from a player who managed to get a leaked copy of the game. The gamer claims to have reached the center of the universe, which is the end objective of No Man’s Sky, in 25-30 hours. Many members of the community believe this person rushed through the game, and missing the point.

With 18 quintillion planets though, players will be able to spend as much time travelling the universe, as they would like. No Man’s Sky has had a lot of hype since its announcement back in 2013 and it will finally release for PlayStation 4 on August 9, 2016.







Written By Guest Contributor Matt Lowe

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