Deus Ex Series Is Getting A Bit Of A Break

It seems the Deus Ex series will be getting a bit of a break. A recent report indicates that Tomb Raider and the new Marvel games are going to be taking up most of Square Enix’s development time.

Eurogamer reports that a mixture of Tomb Raider’s success and the new deal with Marvel combined with slightly disappointing sales of Desu Ex: Mankind Divided have put the seres on hiatus. While it is sad that fans may have a long wait ahead of them before they see a new game in the series, it is far better than Square Enix focus their attention on these games so when Deus Ex does come back fans will have confidence that Square Enix put their full effort behind the game.

While the report mentions that a third game was planned to wrap up the story started with Deus Ex: Human Revolution it has been put on hold. While it is a shame this unannounced third game has to be put on hold, developer Eidos Montreal currently have their hands full, according to this report. It sounds like they are hard at work on the next Tomb Raider game as well as collaborating with Crystal Dynamics on the new Avengers game. They also seem to be working on a second game in the Marvel universe based on Guardians of the Galaxy.


SOURCE: Eurogamer