Diablo III Patch 2.0.4 Released for Europe, Includes Class Tweaks


Diablo 3 has received a patch that contains a lot of tweaks, everything from Adventure Mode to the User Interface have had work done on them, the most interesting change is to every player class except Monks. The patch includes an increase in drop rate for legendary crafting materials as well as level 70 crafting sets no longer require Flawless Royal gems and instead now the player will only have to be holding Marquise gems.

In terms of class changes there are a lot; specifically the Witch Doctor has had it’s low mana potential increased. The Crusader has had a whole host of changes made to it, as well the Barbarian. There are changes also to the other classes, that is a given, but the Monk being the luckiest of all with the least amount of changes. There are a few other bug fixes, monsters, and such so check out the battle.net site for Diablo and read the full patch list.




Written by: Guest Contributor Haydn