Diablo III Wizard Cosplay Takes Our Breath Away

A pure spellcaster class, Diablo’s wizards harness arcane and elemental magic to wreak havoc on their foes. Hailing from Xiansai, the wizards are generally rebellious, impudent, headstrong and even a little cocky. An interesting note – the female wizard appearance was widely accepted and noncontroversial with no major changes occurring between her concept art and the in-game model. However, in the case of the male wizards – there was fan outcry about his in game appearance, which focused mainly on his hat.


What can I say about this cosplay? There aren’t enough words! Windofthestars built her wizard using a new Worbla comparative from Tandy called Terraflex. She notes that it’s very similar to Worbla in all of its properties and notes a smoother texture and less sanding required – which are huge leaps for cosplayers! Her wizard was made in a week – which is totally insane! With the help of some friends, she pulled off an amazingly well done and absolutely beautiful speed build in a seemingly impossible amount of time. If you don’t follow Windofthestars – do it. Do it now! Her work is always fantastic!

diablo-cosplay-1Photography by Miss Ocha









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