Doctor Who’s Rose Tyler Gets an Absolutely Perfect Cosplay


Rose Tyler is one of the most famous companions of the heart-stealing Time Traveler and alien called The Doctor. In the new and improved series of Doctor Who released in 2005, Rose is the first companion taken by the ninth doctor. However, she is most famous for being “romantically involved” with David Tennant’s tenth doctor. She joins the Time Lord in many adventures all across time and space as they fight evil aliens who want nothing more than to bring harm to the Doctor, especially the Daleks.


Rose is always a fan favorite when it comes to doctor’s companions, next to Amy Pond of course. She is cute, funny, smart, blonde, and the interactions between herself and ten are enough to make any true fan cry. This cosplay by Mikusempie is beautiful! She created a cosplay that is not the easiest to pull off, however it seems to natural and lovely on her. This cosplay makes every fan want to say “Rose Tyler I…”

rose-tyler-cosplay-3 rose-tyler-cosplay-4


Photography by Kifir.


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