Don’t Expect New Elder Scrolls Remasters Besides Skyrim Anytime Soon

Bethesda has confirmed that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is the only Elder Scrolls remaster. Which means, unfortunately, we won’t’ be seeing any remasters for Morrowind or Oblivion. 

Ever since its release, fans have been hoping other games in the series would get the same treatment as Skyrim Special Edtion. Bethesda vice president Pete Hines has made it clear, however, that this will not be the case.

Skyrim [Special Edition] was more about the work that Bethesda Game Studios had done in the early days of getting ready for Fallout 4 on this generation of consoles—moving the Skyrim engine and doing some work to run it on this generation of consoles just to see how it worked, and so forth, before they started doing all their Fallout stuff,” Hines explained in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine UK (via GamesRadar). “It’s the most recent thing they did.”

“Plus the mod support on consoles that we did for Fallout 4—being able to bring that to Skyrim seemed like a pretty cool idea. But these things take time, it takes effort and manpower. Generally speaking, our approach has usually been that instead of spending all this time on a thing we’ve already made, why don’t we instead spend that effort on something new, or on the next version of that thing?”

While it is a bit of shame we won’t be seeing a remastered version of some classic Elder Scrolls games, the reasoning does make sense. Hopefully this means we get a new Elder Scrolls game sooner rather than later.


SOURCE: GamesRadar




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