Doom’s Next Update Will Introduce New Mutiplayer Modes

Bethesda Softworks recently uploaded a new video on their official YouTube channel for Doom. The new trailer shows off the new multiplayer modes as well as SnapMap options set to debut in Doom’s next update.

According to Bethesda, Doom’s next update is set to launch tomorrow. The new update will debut two new multiplayer modes, a control type mode called “Sector,” as well as Doom’s interpretation of Capture the Flag, “Exodus.” Along with two new multiplayer modes for you to partake in, the publisher also reveals that new content will be added into SnapMap. Which will allow builders to toy around with the freedom to customize your weapon wheel and your jump pads. In addition, the update will bring in new Hell modules to assist players who crave a more classic evil theme for their maps. Lastly, the new update will make several tweaks and modifications will be added to make building more innovative, and enjoyable.

Doom is available now for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The next expansion, Unto the Evil, releases on August 5th.





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