Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Is One Of Three Games Added To Backward Compatibility

The list of backwards compatible Xbox One games is growing. Today, Microsoft revealed that three new games would be available to download, one of which being Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

The news comes from the official Twitter of Major Nelson, who revealed that the 2.5-D shooter was one of three games coming to the service. These other two games are SNK’s Garou: Mark of the Wolves, an excellent 2D fighter made by SNK that often gets overlooked, and Sonic the Fighters, a 3D Sonic the Hedgehog fighting game made by the Virtua Fighter team that isn’t as great.

If you own any of these games previously on the Xbox 360, you can download them for free onto your Xbox One. Players who haven’t bought any of those games can buy them off the Xbox Live storefront or you can buy them off of Xbox’s official website.  Duke Nukem: Mahattan Project and Garou are both great games that I can’t recommend enough.








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