E3 2016: God Of War 4 Officially Revealed

Sony has revealed the existence of God of War during their E3 conference. The gameplay came after a very unique opening where everyone was left just questioning just what was happening, and then Kratos appeared.

Sony opened with a rather epic orchestral performance which perfectly set up the audience for God of War. Fans of the series will notice some obvious changes to Kratos over the years. Now he is sporting himself a full beard. He is also no longer using his twin blades, but rather an axe. Also, he has a kid.

Kratos now has a child that looks up to him. This is a large step in the series as emotion as Kratos teaches and protects his son as they hunt. While there is great action of Kratos fighting some smaller demons and a larger giant, they are not the highlight. The true highlight is Kratos aiding his son with his first kill on the hunt. This looks to be an interesting step for the game and i’m look forward to it.

God of War will release exclusively for the PlayStation 4.









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