E3 2016: Pokemon Sun And Moon Get New Gameplay Video

Pokemon Sun And Moon has received new gameplay video during Nintendo’s E3. To go along with some new gameply details, Nintendo has also revealed three new Pokemon for players to enjoy.

To start, during a Q&A, the game’s producer had a little bit to say about the titles of the games. He said, “It has a variety of meanings. For us, the sun is the source of all life, and it’s the same way in the Pokemon world. And the moon impacts us all as well. And we want this world to be teeming with life, so we chose those titles.” It also is looking like the legendary Pokemon are going to play a much larger role in the story this time around. “Legends say that the [legendary Pokemon] are the emissaries of the sun and moon respectively. We want to integrate them with the story more than before so we think fans will be excited for it.”

After the brief Q&A, Nintendo demoed some gameplay. The hero has just recently moved to the Alola region and has a pet Meowth. The hero receives their first Pokemon from a strong trainer named Hala. The Pokedex has changed a little from the previous games. Now, after a player captures a Pokemon the Pokedex will show an extra entry. This feature was shown when a Ledyba was captured an had a white Pokeball next to it to indicate an evolution. During the wild battles, the new Pokemon Yungoos and Pikipek were shown with Yungoos being a pointy-tooth otter type creature and Pikipek taking on the resemblance of a Wood Pecker.

The trainers you see about have also been given an update. They now have more animations to better show off their reactions and emotions as well as a subtle shadow effect so players know who is hostile. Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to release November 18th exclusively for the 3DS. Here’s a brief look at that gameplay, courtesy of IGN.





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