EA Gives More Information On Star Wars Battlefront 2 And New BioWare IP

Blake Jorgensen, CFO for Electronic Arts, has recently shed some light on some upcoming EA games. This includes Star Wars Battlefront 2 and, even more exciting, a new BioWare IP.

Speaking during a recent Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, Jorgensen reiterated that the sequel to 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront would be “dramatically larger” than the first and include “a lot of new characters” straight out of the upcoming films.Of course, this isn’t the first time EA has mentioned how much bigger Battlefront 2 will be, but it is nice to see they are still on track to make that a reality.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get too much information on BioWare’s new IP. We do, however, know that it will be “more sci-fi related.”

“When you think about this game,” Jorgensen said, “you should be thinking about the great RPG character development and storyline progression that BioWare is known for, but in a world of greater action and greater adventure, which is growing to be one of the larger categories in games.”

Jorgensen also teased a few more projects, but not much else is known yet. Jorgensen did tease that the upcoming action game by Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond is intended to become a new series, and Visceral’s Star Wars action title is set to be “exploration-based.”


SOURCE: Gamespot